Regency For Accredited Translation & Training Corporation is proud to provide certified translation service through the elite group of accredited translators and specialists in various fields of multi-translation since we translate all branches of translation sciences, as follows

First :Translation Department

1- Legal Translation :

Lease contracts - sale and purchase contracts - distribution contracts - Agency contracts - employment contracts - supply contracts - contracts of licensing the patent - contracts of marriage for Muslims and non-Muslims - contracts of compliance - lawsuits - birth certificates - Certificates of Graduation - ID cards - family record - the Commercial registry - tax card - contracts for oil companies - Contracts of property transfer (Conveyance) - Procedure - Will - contracts for sale and purchase of lands and real estates, cars - and compulsory insurance Deed.

2-Business Translation (finance, economy and banks)

Balance sheet - Contracts of establishing limited liability companies - the establishment of holding companies contracts - contracts to establish joint stock companies - ledger - businesses Contracts of all kinds - Tenders documents - Bids Documents - franchise contracts - Banks invoices - contracts of sole companies- Financial Statements - Auditor's report for the financial year - Finance companies contracts - insurance contracts - contracts of partnership firms - Bill of Lading - Bank Guarantee - Purchase Order - agendas - Feasibility Study - Accounting - stocks and bonds - assets and liabilities - accounting cycle - the balance sheet - statements of income. 

3- Engineering Translation:)

Contracting contracts - subcontracting contracts - construction contracts - public works contracts - BOT contracts - construction companies' contracts - Drilling contracts - Sub-stations contracts - maintenance contracts - electricity companies' contracts, etc.

4-Religious Translation :

Prophet Muhammed's biography (PBUH) (Prophet's SIRA) books - (AQIDA) Creed Books - Prophetical Sunna books - (FIQH) jurisprudence books - (Tafseer) Interpretation books - (TAWHEED) Monotheism Books - Quran translation & transliteration  - Translation of prophet & Allah's sayings (HADITH) - El-Bukhari and Muslim's sayings and others sayings - Translation of Forty Hadith for Imam Al-Nawawi - Quranic stories - the legitimacy Will - fast books - Zakat Books - prayer books - (Hajj) Pilgrimage Books - Bible translation - the books of the Bible - Old Testament

5 - Medical Translation:

Medical reports - Bulletins of drugs, etc.

6- Press and media translation

 Press Releases - foreign magazines - advertisements - Jobs, etc.

7- General Translation:

CV - cover letter for different jobs - Researches of university students - academic projects translation - children's stories - all public documents, etc.

Other Services:

We provide other services to our valued customers, as follows: -

We can deal with foreigners in Registry Offices & different governmental Bodies for notarizing contracts of selling & Purchase & Power of Attorneys. Do researches for university students, graduate students and Master Degree. Typing, etc.

Second: Courses & Linguistics

Regency provides Diplomas & Courses in different languages for students, graduates and all different categories with certified certificates locally & internationally

  English, French, Russian, Italian, etc.

Regency offer courses from beginners to advanced levels.

We seek to improve all of our student's confidence, fluency, and accuracy in speaking, reading, listening and writing different languages

Regency offer also private lessons to satisfy your own need in learning by a special ways and methods.

Third: Computer Sciences Department




Web Design


Fourth: Human Resources Department

1-Attract Labor and Employment.

2- Social insurance.

3- Administrative investigations.

4- The preparation of administrative cadres.

5- Dealing with the governmental bodies.

6- The Labor Code.

7- Wages and incentives.

Fifth: Regency offers animation movies translation in all languages